A Few Shots of Life

Here’s some random goodness in my life courtesy of my recent cell phone pic dump :-)

My heart, my soul, my world….

My princess….

Boba slush <3….

Frozen yogurt goodness…..

Blog Love Binder….

Random dinosaur on my drive to work…..

Washi Tape…..

Happy weekend lover-lies!

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12 thoughts on “A Few Shots of Life

  1. I love it when people share photos like this! The random dinosaur on your way to work is too much. (doesn’t everyone have a dinosaur in their town). I swear he looks like he’s chasing you!
    It’s a sneak peek into your everyday. Fun!

    • Me too! I like to get a ‘little’ personal or maybe a lot lol. I’ve never been a ‘strictly business’ person I like knowing people and I think it’s cool to share bits of life with everyone! The dinosaur is hilarious! I was actually driving into my 9-5er and did one of those double takes because I was like ‘what the heck?! Where did that come from?’ I get some pretty good scenery on the way in town and now the dino is an added laugh!

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