The Price Is Light (Right)

I love a good deal but I love a good deal that turns into a totally unexpected amazing deal especially when you don’t realize it.  When we first moved into our house, our foyer housed this orb-ish crazy big retro globe.

Even though all trends pointed at this being stylish….I wasn’t sold.  Simply put, it’s just not my taste (at least not now).  We still have it sitting out in our garage collecting dust along with my totally outrageous hoarding of furniture until we figure out whether to sell it or keep it.  I was totally stoked about finding and buying its replacement and spent a good while looking for THE perfect fixture.  After searching for the perfect fixture and having no luck finding anything that blew me away and didn’t cost an arm and a leg, I figured maybe we should hold off on finding a replacement for a while.  Somehow, it seems when I stop looking for something it finds me or something better comes along.

One Saturday, we happened to stop in at the local Habitat for Humanity ReStore.  I found a pallet stacked full of these boxes next to the lighting area that said Seagull Lighting.  When I saw the $60 price tag, I wasn’t sold – not because it’s not cheap but because I couldn’t imagine that this box would hold my foyer light.  I opened the box to see what this pallet of unmarked and unopened boxes held and found this fixture inside…

via Sea Gull Lighting

Not bad but still not really what I wanted and since it wasn’t on sale the $60 price still wasn’t grabbing me.  We looked around a bit more and I happened to go back to the pallet of boxes and somehow spotted this almost entirely hidden sign on the backside of the stack of lights.  I have no idea how I saw the sign because it was totally blocked by a ton of other boxes and miscellaneous displays.  I actually had to climb over some cabinets and shimmy through the way too tight space to get to this sign.  The sign said ‘All Seagull Lighting 50% Off’.  I’m pretty much sold.  I then had to carefully re-examine, stare at, and try to visualize this light in our house.  Still not totally head over heels in love but it was good enough and no way were we going to luck out on a price like this again for a brand spankin’ new and unopened light fixture that is now priced at just $30.  We were taking this bad boy home.

I wish I had taken a picture from the top of our stairs so you could get the full effect.  Any ways, after hanging our new-found score, I decided to do a little research because I’d never heard of Seagull lighting before and I was curious to see if it was legit.  I wasn’t expecting to find our light fixture on their website but much to my surprise, there it was, our exact foyer light on their website with a list price of $330 on sale for $220 – see it here.  Whoa.  Talk about a steal.  Totally blows my mind still.  Over time our foyer fixture has grown on me.  It looks so much better than the old orb globe thing and the deal we got….totally insane.  Have you stumbled upon a totally crazy deal like this?  What’s one of your biggest or favorite scores or finds?  I love a good deal!

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3 thoughts on “The Price Is Light (Right)

  1. What a great find, Lindsey! It looks so pretty all lit up. And for $30 bucks…that should “light” up your life even more! Your picture wall is really nice and now it’s perfectly lit. Perfect!

  2. It’s perfect Lindsey and worth the wait! It accents your foyer and wall ‘art’ beautifully; and besides you did a good deed in contributing to Habit for Humanity. Hugs and blessings

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