Hello Lovely!  I’m Lindsey.

A few personal dets: I am a head over heels gushing married woman.  I’ve loved my hubs since I was 18 and that grows daily – true story!  My family is my heart.  I’m blessed beyond words to have such an amazing mother.  I’m a proud big sister to 2 gorgeous sissys and 1 handsome broseph.  I adore my dog-ter Bailey.  She’s the queen bee and a spoiled brat. I have an off the wall sense of humor and joke constantly.  Yes, I do laugh at my own jokes and yes I think I’m hilarious.  I think I missed my calling as a voice over for cartoons and SNL.  I think music is my life soundtrack and I love all types of music.  I had an eye-opening experience in 2010 that lead me to a big lifestyle change for the best.  I’ve learned so much in the past year and I know that I’m still here for a very big purpose and I’m so blessed by my Lord and Savior.  I wake up everyday in awe of the life that I’ve been blessed enough to have and I’m grateful beyond words for everyone and everything that surrounds me.

My passions & Things I love:   I have an overwhelming obsession with skeleton keys, letterpress/typography, and textiles.  I love creating things from my heart.  My passion is giving new life to old antiques, interior design, and home decor.  I’m a firm believer in childhood passions leading you to where you are.  As a kid I was always intrigued by houses.  Houses in my childhood books, movies, tv, and real life.  I was fascinated with what type of house people lived in and how it was decorated.  I loved (still do) seeing bedrooms and decoration in houses.  I had a fixation with re-arranging and re-decorating my bedroom.  It was a massive hand-crafted collage of all things I loved.  I used to plaster my walls with collages and cutouts of inspiring things in magazines and catalogs – it was a giant room sized mood board!  It’s so crazy, awesome, amazing, etc. that I can look back and see where my passions were then and how they’ve stayed the same – I love that so much.

My husband Travis and I are in the process of making changes to our 1970’s home we purchased in November 2010.  I am a rambler and tend to get overly excited about life and the little things that I love and enjoy which will lead me to bounce from one thing to another.  I am a sucker for a good….no great deal/steal/and find.  I have a dollar amount that I won’t exceed when it comes to thrifting and antiqing unless it’s something I just can’t leave.  This is me.  I’m a creative soul that is working to unleash the creative beast.  Trying hard to not hold back and care so much about the outcome.  Trying to just do and grow and move forward and learn.

Questions….comments….just want to say ‘Hi!’

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